Best streaming service providers to promote your music online


Promoting your music online is the best possible way to get them maximum exposure. However, the result you get will depend on the types of streaming channels you choose. Here are the largest streaming websites you can consider

#5 #Music (Twitter Music)


Twitter music has become one of the fastest growing music streaming channels right now. Twitter itself is the second largest social media site on the internet, however the social media network has diversified into other things in recent times, and such include the Twitter music brand whereby music creators and fans can discover their favorite bands. You can tweet out new tunes and link your music to your favorite bands through your Twitter account.

#4 Spotify

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Spotify has dedicated the entire website to music streaming only. It has become one of the largest and biggest mobile and desktop music streaming apps in the world. Though, Spotify is not available in all countries of the world, but the site takes music listening experience to a higher level. It provides an amazing tool called “Discover” where you can easily search and locate bands, and there are several other tools that allow you connect your music works with bigger and more popular music bands.

#3 Reddit music

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Reddit music streaming is as popular as its video streaming. Many viral contents you see online today often make it to Reddit first, and most musicians, whether professional or amateur are fast familiarizing themselves with this streaming platform. Reddit provides a grassroots-style community for aspirin music makers like you, and its platform helps musicians have a feel of how fans perceive their songs out there. Just make sure you respect others on this platform and you will gradually warm up your way into their hearts.

#2 YouTube

YouTube is one of the oldest traditional ways of streaming any content, as long as you meet up with the rules and conditions of the site. Artistes like Justin Bieber were discovered on YouTube, this means you can be discovered by recording studios or music producers too, if you manage your channels and record good quality songs. YouTube has the largest music downloaders and watchers online today and the number is forever increasing. With YouTube, there is no country your songs will not get to, and the sky will definitely be your limit.

#1 Apple Music/iTunes


Apple iTunes may not be the largest streaming platform for music makers online today, but your career will speedily reach a high level, if your music is endorsed by this platform. Apple remains the most credible music streaming platforms right now because of the protection it offers your contents, however, the stiff competition you will face to get the top recognition can be high, and for this reason, you must ensure that you produce great quality works and promote them with your best abilities. If your music and playlists eventually gets noticed, you will definitely be rewarded financially and with recognition all around the world.


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