Easy steps to streaming success on streaming channels such as Spotify


The music streaming industry has been growing in an unprecedented way, and with top streaming sites like Spotify hitting the 10-million-subscribers milestone, it is important that you take steps toward adding your own music. If your music is already on sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud or the radio, here are some of the ways of achieving streaming success through the monetization of your songs and the promotion of your playlists;

Steps to achieving streaming success on streaming media like Spotify


Step 1: Verify your profile – by verifying your account on Spotify you can now communicate directly with your fans. You will also get an approval by the streaming site to stream your music directly. You can also show your profile’s biography, merchandise photos and even tour dates. With verification of profile you can also create an in-client messaging platform and Push-notification features whereby your followers are notified each time you add a track.

Step 2: Use your streaming profile as a promotional channel- In order to monetize your contents in a creative way, and share your profile with other artistes and fans, you can take the following steps in promoting your channel;


  • Follow the artists you believe will help more fans discover you,
  • Make sure you constant create and share new playlists,
  • Share your contents on eternal social media networks and make sure you encourage tour followers to start conversations
  • Add your streaming website link (such as Spotify), to your music and video descriptions, especially those on YouTube and other sites.
  • If you have a website, make sure you add the streaming website button such as Spotify to such a website and your followers can follow you with a single click, even without leaving your blog or website.

Step 3: Make sure you create great playlists–Streaming sites like Spotify will use playlists to share music and promote the discovery of the individual users. You need to keep the following tips in mind when creating quality playlists;

  • Make sure you have more than 10 public playlists available and your account is never empty.
  • Try and focus on a single playlist that you can add music unto continually.
  • Addition of new tracks continually to playlists is the key to a successful streaming, the more tracks you add, the bigger your playlists, and this also means fans will discover your feeds easily and they can get notified of your new works.
  • Share your contents with some messages, if you want them to stand out and get noticed easily.
  • To appear in the live ticker feed, make sure you listen to music from your Spotify profile or account.
  • Make sure your playlists are themed. You can add a niche or theme once the playlists have grown. You can theme your playlists around certain events.

Step 4: Make sure the streaming website button always stay on your blog or website sites like Spotify provide embedded codes whereby fans can listen to your works immediately from your website or blog.

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