Factors to consider when choosing a music streaming site to subscribe to

Music streaming service providers will not only allow you to listen to new music or whole album for a small fee, they will also allow you create your own playlists and share your own songs with the opportunity of monetizing such music. Here are some factors you must consider before choosing the right music streaming site to subscribe unto;

#1 what does the music catalog of the streaming site contain?


Most streaming sites claim they have more than 20 million songs in their catalogues, this means you will definitely find almost any type of songs you can think of. Though their libraries may be comprehensive enough, you will always notice some gaps- most artists may not add their recently released songs or exclusive albums to streaming sites, as they may want to make money from other sales channels before releasing such songs on streaming sites. Therefore, you need to sign up for a free trial first before committing yourself to any paid subscription.

#2 Streaming music options

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Once you have figured out whether to try a free trial subscription, you should consider what options are available to stream your music. Nearly all streaming websites offer IOS, Android, and Windows apps through which you can stream your songs, however some don’t have desktop options. You should consider choosing a streaming service that offers both online and offline options. For instance, the Spotify streaming platform provides great features such as a desktop app and keyboard controls and can also allow you to sync your playlists to your home’s audio devices. The best streaming platforms that provide the widest range of streaming avenues should be the best. These include; Apple iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Tidal, Rhapsody, and Google Play music.

#3 Is the service available in your country?

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Many streaming websites are not available worldwide, and this could be a huge minus for such websites. For instance, Spotify is not available in most parts of Africa, however Apple iTunes is available worldwide. If you are an international user who travels frequently, you will have to check the countries where streaming services are available. Google Play Music, Tidal, and Rdio are available mostly in North America, Central and some parts of Europe, while Rhapsody is available on in the United States.

#4 Can you stream and store your music?


An ideal streaming site should allow you to stream and store your music at the same time. Streaming sites like Apple, Spotify, Amazon Music and Xbox Music will allow you to stream and listen to songs from their catalogs and such services can even scan your computer for songs you have already downloaded, so that you don’t perform multiple downloads. Google Play Music can even allow you download music that has been streamed, offline, therefore you don’t have to be online to listen to such music.  Try as much as possible to check for discounts that you qualify for, it will help you save costs inthe long run, or even get more songs for your money.

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