What should I do to create good quality music?

No matter how much talent Mother Nature gave you, you need to nurture that talent with proper vocal and instrumental mentorship and exercise. You need to work hard with a vocal coach and an instructor for the instrument of your choosing, constantly. Other than this, you need to exercise writing melody and lyrics. Repetition and re-writing are extremely important here because it is the best way to perfect your skills. Make sure to share your music with as many people as possible and ask for an honest opinion, regardless of whether or not they like your genre. Write down their feedback and take it into consideration.

What should I do to promote my music?

Once you have a finished product, you can use a variety of online and offline ways to promote your music. You can promote your music on social media websites, like Facebook, YouTube or Sound Cloud, and you can also use paid advertising to gain more audience. Offline, you can search for gigs in clubs and coffee shops, or play to donate money to charity. Either way, aim to reach as many listeners as possible.

What the process of creating a song as a finished product looks like?

First, you need to create a scratch track of your song and perfect it. After this, you should find a beat maker from whom you can buy or lease beats. Recording in record studios can cost up to several hundred dollars per hour, and your goal is to finish recording your song as fast as possible. Make sure to come to a recording session completely prepared and exercised, and memorize your lyrics. When the song is recorded, proceed to mix. A mixing engineer should “polish” the sound, so it would be good to find someone you trust. Mastering the song is the next stage, where the sound is polished to produce good quality from different media and speakers, to avoid distortion. Once you have your song as a finished product, store it, make backup copies, and proceed to promote.

How much does it cost to produce a song?

Producing a song can cost anywhere between $1000 to several tens of thousands of dollars. It all depends on whether or not you are doing it yourself, or you have a producer. If you, as a creator of music, are the producer, all of the responsibility is on you.

How can I produce and publish my songs in a budget- friendly way?

You can lower the cost to about $1000 without compromising the quality of the result if you use local services and make sure you are complete, 100% ready to record your songs. Creating, editing and getting enough feedback on your scratch-track can do so much to make the job easier for you. Your goal is to be prepared and clear in your cooperation with other people involved to avoid mess-ups and misunderstandings that can result in a further cost.