How to develop unique music tone


It goes without saying that in these, millions of talented musicians worldwide are creating unique and inspired music, and putting great effort into promoting themselves as they thrive to break through. Social has given anyone with music talent an equal chance to put their music in the eye of the public. What’s great about it is that new artists are given the chance to publish their music and surpass the struggle of having to invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars into the production of their songs. On the other hand, with millions of talented musicians looking to break through, the market has become as crowded as ever. If you want to catch the eye of the public, you will need to put the greatest effort into creating unique and different music. Developing your unique tone is the first thing you need to learn, in order to differ yourself from the crowd. These are the tips that should help you achieve that.

Listen to various types of music


Listening to a variety of types of music is a must if you want to truly explore your own sense of melody and beat. Gather as many different songs as you can into a playlist, and listen to it every day. You want to look deeply into elements of the songs you find inspiring. Analyze different elements of these songs and think about how, and why, you would want to use them as your inspiration. Experiment with applying these elements into your own music. Avoid listening to only a limited number of artists belonging to the same genre you are, to avoid your music end up being similar to theirs.

Study the psychology


Every individual type of music has its background. Different melodies, tones, and beats have a different impact on the mind, yours and of people you want to reach. The psychology of music demonstrates, in particular, ways of fashion style, general behavior, lifestyle as well as dancing style in different listeners. Rappers tend to dress and act differently to rock fans or R’n’B fans. There is a culture behind each type of music, but there is also a particular psychology behind that culture. Look into literature as well as listen to music in order to grasp psychological meaning to different melodies and lyrics.

Write your music constantly


In this process, repetition is the key to sharpening your individual tone and building a style you are confident about. Repetition is the key. Re-write your music and lyrics over and over again, until you are absolutely sure there is nothing else left to be improved.

Compare your songs to other artists


The best way to determine the quality of your music is to compare it to other artists. Listen to your songs next to songs of artists you consider to be acclaimed row models. The result you are aiming to achieve is the same level of quality, but different enough to be considered original.

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