How to find the best music streaming services?


What does actually go into a good quality streaming service? For most of us, it is the quality of the sound and the quantity of streaming, in comparison to the price. What users also pay attention to is the design of the app and the practicality of its use. A good streaming service app should provide music download, online and offline streaming, a well-optimized search and access to the latest released singles and albums. Streaming service providers compete to provide these features at the most affordable price. Read our reviews of the most popular streaming service providers.



Praised for its quality, Tidal is said to provide fantastic sound quality. The service also includes excellent apps for download and HD music videos. Another great feature about it is that it provides easy music discovery. On the other hand, the subscription costs $19.99 per month, which is a bit expensive. Tindal Library showed to have a few flaws and their search needs optimizing. Users have also encountered some issues with iOS.

Beats Music


With a flat monthly fee and a seven-day trial, a pleasant app for Android users, it promises unlimited music streaming. However, considering the price of the monthly fee, and in comparison to other competitive streaming services, some doubts are expressed of its survival in the market. Users claim that they can find many similar, better and more affordable services in comparison to Beats Music.



A long-time favorite in users and critics, Spotify has introduced a new look that is amazing. Users praise Your Music feature and find that other features are also amazing. Spotify offers 320kbps in streaming as well as exclusive content. On the other hand, some users complain that their Web player doesn’t always perform the best and that their search is poor and needs improvement.

Google Music

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Google Music offers a one-month free trial, and the ad-free subscription costs $9.99/month. Google music offers unlimited streaming, and individual albums need to be purchased of under $5 price. For a free version, the maximum amount of streaming is 320kbps, which is very good. The number of new releases and new songs added is slightly under 20000/day. Google music allows you to upload your existing songs and store up to 20000 tracks. Users agree that both free and paid versions are great in quality, however, they reserve their purchases for albums that are truly their favorites.

YouTube Music Key

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YouTube Music Key monthly subscription costs $9.99/month, and it offers and ad-free service. It also features playlists and background play, which were both highly demanded. Most users consider the price well-worth in terms of sound and video quality, especially considering the background play feature. On the other hand, there are issues reported with video playback once the video is open after the background play.

Most of the services mentioned proved to be worth of cost. It is now up to you to decide which one you prefer, based on its features.

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