How to successfully promote your music in social media

Counting numerous solo artists and bands who have gathered their fan base through social media, having a network of professional social media accounts became a must in the music industry. Social media websites are a great way to promote your music since they provide instant contact between you and your listeners. All of the most popular social media websites also offer affordable advertising, making it possible for you to reach hundreds of listeners for a price that doesn’t have to exceed even $100.

Facebook pages and groups


Being the most popular social media website, Facebook is a great panel for fresh, talented artists to promote their work. Facebook pages offer numerous friendly features, like posting and sharing your videos, checking in your gigs using google maps, as well as designing affordable advertising campaigns. You can design a relatively cheap, advertising campaign to quickly gather thousands of likes and views to your videos. You can even link your Facebook page to a web page where your songs are posted for sale.

Sound Cloud

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Sound Cloud is a social media website specifically made for authors to share their music, and listeners to browse the website as they look for new and fresh songs to listen to. You can use Sound Cloud to upload and share your music, build a fan base of followers and get in touch with producers as well. Sound Cloud is also a great place to compare your work with the work of other artists and receive feedback from listeners.


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With individual user channels exceeding the daily view rates of biggest television networks, YouTube has become a serious competitor to the television stations, radio stations as well as music TV channels. More and more people use YouTube to listen to music, and many famous musicians have started their careers by posting videos on their personal channels. You can build a decent fan base here for free, and you can as well profit from the ad revenue. YouTube also offers advertising services. You might be able to receive tens of thousands of views for less than $10 dollars/day, depending on your targeted audience.

Paid advertising


If you have worked hard to perfect your skills and your songs as a finished product, why not use those affordable social media fees to build your fan base faster, and catch the eye of music industry professionals? Almost all social media websites offer relatively cheap advertising services. The best thing about this type of advertising is that it allows you to target your desired niche of listeners by age, gender, personal preferences and online behavior. For example, if you are selling downloads of your songs through a particular website, Facebook even allows you to target music enthusiasts that regularly shop online.

In many ways, social media can help you to promote yourself, catch the eye of the public and build your fan base. With some of these websites, you can even earn a revenue from views to your songs.

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