Reasons why you are not getting enough followers on music streaming sites and social media

Getting more followers on your social media sites should be one of your priorities when promoting your songs on streaming platforms. Here are some of the top mistakes that may be preventing you from getting enough followers on your music streaming profile:

#1 Your profile looks amateurish


You have a wide range of custom options that can help you personalize your profile and make it more professional and attractive to people. Make sure your profile looks good and make sure your profile picture is themed towards your brand. Make sure you include a brief bio of yourself and include some links to your website, and blogs. A cover photo is a free advertising space you can optimize to your advantage. No one wants to see your profile blank, and since such spaces are the first contact your potential followers see, you need to make sure it is vibrant, and colorful.

#2 You are always promoting


It is good to promote your content on streaming websites; however, too much of it is not good. It is a platform to entertain and inform your followers and not just to promote your material. For this reason, you must not spam your social media profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter, with the same links to your albums and songs or playlists.

#3 Your content is not engaging enough.

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Content strategy should go hand-in-hand with promoting yourself. Make sure you include content that is informative and attach it to your music. Your rehearsal pictures, travel images and any picture you take with celebrities should be attached occasionally to your content. Make sure your Playlists have some information that can encourage, entertain or inform your followers. When you learn from others, they will also learn from you and build interest in your work.

#4 You don’t follow people back


One of the worst mistakes you can make on streaming platforms is to ignore following your followers. You need to tweet their messages back and thank them when they share your content on their own profiles.

#5 You target the wrong audiences


Targeting the wrong audiences can ruin all your efforts to get noticed on streaming platforms. No matter how good your promotional strategies are, you need to direct your content to the right audiences. Do not direct your R&B music towards groups of people that enjoy heavy metal songs. Always know what your audience wants and you can even release a demo to different groups of fans just to be sure of what they want, before releasing the entire song.

#6 You don’t collaborate with others

You need to work with other artists, especially on special cover songs that can help you make more impact on streaming platforms. Make sure you do some joint videos with other up and coming artists and tag them when you share your content on streaming platforms and your social media profiles – this will help people identify your content even easier. When your followers know the type of artists you associate with, then they will like to get connected to them too – and vice versa.


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