Ways to integrate playlists and promote your songs on streaming platforms.

There are five basic steps you can take in order to successfully integrate your playlists and promote your songs on streaming platforms and make them reach your targeted audiences. Play-listing is one of the most important and easy steps of promoting your original works on streaming platforms. It helps people discover your work easily especially when you create such playlists in different genres.

Basic steps to integrating playlists and promoting your songs

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▪ set up your profile and follow your on-genre playlists

If you want to be followed on a music streaming platform, you need to follow others first. Make sure you follow the music you listen to and like, and then share the pages of your favorite artists and bands on your social media profiles. There are more than a thousand playlists that you can follow on top streaming platforms such as Apple iTunes, Netflix music and Spotify. You need to know those people who have greater influences in the genre you choose for your own playlists, and make sure to checkout the Playlists of the people you follow, it helps you learn some tricks from their profiles. Make sure you subscribe to follow them and you can send occasional notes, notifying them of what you like the most. When you appreciate others, they will definitely appreciate you back.

▪ Contact influencers of your preferred genre, in advance before you launch a new song.


There is no faster way of promoting your song than getting it endorsed by certain influencers in your genre. People love fresh content, but before your songs get to the public, make sure you send a note to the curators of your target playlists. These could be the tastemakers or the individuals with the highest followers in the streaming platform. You can ask them for suggestions and what modifications can make your songs more acceptable to the public. If you can win the hearts of these influencers, the general public will definitely accept your new work.

▪ Build a strong relationship with your new contacts and followers

Once you have discovered some like-minded curators on a streaming platform, make sure you remain in contact with them. With these people on your contact list, your music career will grow with time, and don’t forget to invite them to hangouts when there is a show in your neighborhood. When any of your curators or followers feature you on his or her profile, make sure you share these moments on your social media profiles and thank them.

▪Start to curate Playlists by yourself


Curating your Playlists by yourself will help others know what you are listening to, and at the same time, you become one of the influencers in your genre. When you feature a band you are listening to on your profile, the band may hopefully feature you back, and your popularity will soar. Playlist pitching with your friends and followers can be the fastest way to grow your reputation on music streaming platforms.

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